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Söderberg is a Swedish café bar, originally from Edinburgh and now open in Soho, London. Set amongst the iconic record shops of Berwick Street, Söderberg has transformed an old Soho basement into a mid-century Scandinavian lounge complete with record player and sound system - the ideal setting to enjoy a Swedish style cocktail and some live music. Lillördag is a Swedish concept (literal translation = "Little Saturday") referring to Wednesday nights, when Swedes break up their week with a night of drinking and dancing.

Upcoming events

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14th August 7.30pm-9.30pm

Vivienne is a singer/songwriter, spoken word artist and actress, as well as a published poet performing abroad and within Greater London. She is a neo-soul, R&B, Jazz and Blues lover as well as Reggae and indie. She believes in living life as a melody and has a philosophy of living in love and music as the only way to truly fulfil herself; lost in expression is the only time she truly feels alive.


21st August 7.30pm-9.30pm

Cherri is a singer/songwriter from East London. With a sound as eclectic as her influences, she embodies sonical harmony between classic and contemporary styles of R&B, Soul and Jazz. Her performance is an intimate experience devoted to connecting with her audience and storytelling through the universal language that is music.


Faye Patton

28th August 7.30pm-9.30pm

Patton plays regularly at the Green Note in Camden, gigs fortnightly as a soloist and also with her quartet at Toulouse Lautrec. She is also the in-house musician at Bermondsey Arts Club.

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Söderberg Soho, 36 Berwick St , London W1F 8RR
email: soho@soderberg.uk | 020 7287 2111


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