Our Friends

Over the years, we have brought together a number of craftsmen who share the same values and care deeply about the products they make.. Rather than choosing suppliers just because they are convenient or well-known, we forge personal relationships with the people who understand what we do and feel equally passionate about their craft.. We aim to source everything, from our apple juice to our furniture, from others who love what they do and do it very well..

We are particularly grateful for Nirvan Richter at Norrgavel, who designed our tables and chairs; the passionate roasters at Johan & Nyström, who carefully select and slow-roast our beans and help train our baristas; Graham Stoddart at Cuddybridge, who selects every apple he presses with great care and singlehandedly fills and labels every bottle; and the wonderful people at Shipton Mill, who deliver a ton (a ton!) of stoneground flour to us every few weeks so that our bakers can keep making exceptional loaves..

We hope to make many more friends like these along the way..