Who we are

Nobody wakes up in the morning knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives, but we all have natural talents and are happiest when we use them.. To be yourself in a world that's often trying to make you something else, is no easy feat.. But we find that pursuing our passions and working at the things we enjoy makes us all a little bit more ourselves.. Söderberg is an artisan Swedish bakery based in Edinburgh.. Established by a quiet Swede, Peter Ljungquist, who believes in making honest, well-crafted goods that are as individual as the people who create and enjoy them..

Behind every loaf there is a pair of hands, kneading dough before dawn.. Behind every coffee, a barista carefully adjusting the grind of espresso.. Behind every slice of pizza, a slow fermenting sourdough starter that is nurtured every day.. The sticky fingers, flyaway coffee grounds and jars of bubbly starter aren't very glamorous, but we love getting stuck into everything we do..

Our bakery is placed in the North Pavilion, an astonishing creation by Foster & Partner tucked away in the Quartermile neighborhood..

Built out of vast sheets of glass, our bakery offers complete transparency and a bright space for our bread and pastries to be kneaded, shaped and baked.. This is a place from which our bakers can watch the sun rise as well as their bread, a place where their skills will truly come to light..