We believe businesses have a responsibility to limit the effect of economic growth on our environment, keeping food waste and disposable packaging to a minimum

Our Söderberg keep-cups are heavily promoted and incentivised and therefore very popular, reducing   take-away cup usage.  Purchasing a keep-cup entitles customers to a £1 coffee and a free bun – effectively   a £5 discount on the cup cost.

 Currently any keep-cup presented  at the till enjoys a 50p discount on the customer’s chosen coffee.
 Our Vegware take-away cups are not only recyclable but compostable. 

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“Söderberg was one of the first café businesses in Edinburgh to appreciate the importance of an environmentally responsible approach to take-away coffee. Söderberg contacted us not long after they established in Edinburgh in 2007 looking to stock our plastic-free compostable cups. Vegware established its Headquarters in Edinburgh in 2006 and now has offices in California, Sydney and Hong Kong with distribution throughout Europe and the Middle East and we value passionate, detail-oriented companies such as Söderberg who have been with us from the beginning. We also really love the expertise they put into their sourcing and methods, and can confirm first hand that everything they make is really yummy.”


Lucy Frankel, Communications Director, Vegware.

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All our Edinburgh shops and cafes are signed up to Food Sharing Scotland, ensuring all bread and food   left unsold at the end of a day are enjoyed rather than thrown out, keeping food waste to a minimum.