The Bakery

A well-made loaf of bread is a beautiful thing: it not only contains flour, water and sourdough but also the patience, skill, dexterity, and effort of the baker who shaped it.. It is a mixture of brute force, talent and love that sets it apart..

 This is why we don´t bake in a dimly-lit basement or a windowless back-room.. To tuck our baking processes away in an anonymous industrial estate or factory would seem senseless to us.. Our bakery is placed in the North pavilion, an astonishing creation by Foster & Partner tucked away in the Quartermile neighborhood..

 Built out of vast sheets of glass, our bakery offers complete transparency and a bright space for our bread and pastries to be kneaded, shaped and baked.. This is a place from which our bakers can watch the sun rise as well as their bread, a place where their skills will truly come to light.. Some people who are interested in business economics might find the choice of location for our bakery to be unwise.. We don´t.. We think this is where bread ought to be made.. We want to reveal the faces behind the bread and place our bakers at the forefront of Söderberg..