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Shipton Mill

All our flour comes from Shipton Mill, founded by Söderberg majority share-holder John Lister. Shipton Mill uses Soil Association approved organic farming practices and their solar generation scheme generates 20% of the energy they consume.

Shipton Mill’s not-for-profit regeneration project in the west of Scotland is a large-scale program set up to encourage biodiversity by planting 650,000 native trees such as Atlantic Oak, Caledonian Pine, Ash and Silver Birch to allow indigenous species of Scottish wildlife to recover over the next 150 years. The initiative’s peatland carbon sequestration program helps rebalance global warming.

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Belhaven Smokery

In Edinburgh we source the smoked salmon used in our classic Swedish open sandwiches from Belhaven Smokery, a family business established in 1973 in Dunbar. Their Shetland salmon is fit and lean due to the strong currents there. All their fish is Marine Conservation Society approved and Belhaven are a SALSA approved Safe and Local supplier.

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Harvey & Brockless

" Sustainability has been a recent focus for many businesses and producers, however Harvey & Brockless have been committed to working this way for over 4 decades. What drives business is relationships and synergy and we recognise the potential with Soderberg as we share the same values and vision."

Alastair Clark, consultant @ Harvey & Brockless

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Johan & Nyström

Coffee is one of the highest grossing commodities in the world, yet many coffee producers still live in

extreme poverty. The coffee industry is built on a supply chain riddled with middlemen, where the money spent by consumers rarely reaches hard-working farmers. At Johan & Nyström we believe Direct Trade is the only way to ensure farmers get a fair deal.  Söderberg shares our values and it is important for both companies that Johan & Nyström regularly travels to Edinburgh to deliver staff training and to inform their baristas of the fairtrade origins of the coffee they serve.


Anders Holzner- Founder- Johan & Nyström